Create quality maps with zero drawing experience.

Making great looking maps shouldn't be reserved for the artistically gifted. Owlbear empowers anyone to build maps that players will love.

How it Works

Build as much or as little as you want.

A cobblestone texture.

Empty Lots

Start from scratch with an empty lot and endless opportunities. Use all of the tools available to build the exact building map that you need for your campaign.

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A square room yet to be decorated in the Owlbear map builder.

Pre-Fab Structures

Start with a pre-fabricated building with most of the work already done. Add, delete, or move anything you want - mold it into something of your own.

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A fully decorated room built in the Owlbear map builder.

User Generated Maps

Search our online marketplace for maps other users have built and shared. Download the maps as is, or open in the editor to adjust to your own needs.

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A tile from the Owlbear builder, showing a table with a stool and chemistry set.

Custom Assets

Hand-drawn assets added every month.

With over 200 assets already, we are constantly adding new and exciting assets for you to build with.

All of our releases are themed and released as packages. Think of it like Lego sets - except when a new set is released, you get all the pieces (at no extra cost).

A text message conversation showing a user requesting a new feature.

User Driven Features

We're building this with you.

We spend our spare time working to improve the map builder. We work closely with our users to understand the problems they face and where new opportunities lie.

The Possibilities are Endless

Each asset has multiple
styles to choose from.


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Everything you need to impress your players.


Export to VTT

Export your maps in multiple formats, primed and ready for any VTT on the market.

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Dynamic Lighting

Add another level of depth with dynamic lighting.

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Easy to Learn

You can learn to use our builder in less than 5 minutes. No confusing UI, no jank.

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Customize Assets

Customize any of the hundreds of assets in-app and save for later use. You can even share custom assets to the marketplace for others to enjoy.

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Map Marketplace

A community driven library of shared maps that you can use, edit, or clone for your own campaigns. Rate, comment, and connect with others.

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Export for Print

All maps can be exported to pre-set PDF formats for quick and easy printing.

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Pledge $1 or more and get your beta key

As a beta tester, you'll receive:

  • Full Access to Map Builder (Beta)
  • Access to Discord Community
  • Access to all released assets and pre-fab maps